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In light of the recent drama surrounding Donald Trump’s comments about women in 2005, it is becoming clear that he no longer has a path to victory. It is possible that he never did. I estimate that in the general election his popular vote will not exceed 40%, and may even be as low as 34%. The timing of the release of the damaging video could not have been worse for the Trump campaign. Not only did it happen before the 2nd debate, it happened the weekend before early voting commenced in many states. Over the weekend, many Republicans distanced themselves from Trump or condemned his remarks, with some going so far as to say he should drop out of the race. Republicans running in close races in swing states are now in a lose-lose situation. Either they stay with Trump and anger women and independent voters upset with Trump’s blatant misogyny, or they denounce Trump and risk the rebellion of Trump’s Republican supporters. House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to walk a fine line, saying he could no longer defend Trump but not going so far as to unendorse him. It should be noted that until last weekend, “unendorse” wasn’t a word. On Tuesday, Trump went on the offensive, attacking people in his party who have denounced him, including Paul Ryan, John McCain and others. He did this throughout the day on Twitter, and then in front of millions of viewers on the O’Reilly Factor. A circular firing squad has now formed within the Republican Party, which has descended into chaos. I imagine this is the worst-case scenario for the Republican Party, or as I like to call it, Reince Priebus’ waking nightmare. Before this, Republicans still had a chance to keep the Senate. Now, the Senate seems almost certainly lost and the House is now in play. Even though Trump’s numbers had been dropping in many polls before the video, they have cratered since. Just a week ago it was unthinkable that the GOP could lose control of the House. In one weekend the entire election has been flipped.


Posted by Editor at October 12, 2016

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