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Month: October 2017

Halloween Edition – 31 Oct 2017

– Report: At least 200 N Koreans killed in tunnel collapse at nuclear test site

– Wife of Chechen accused of Putin assassination plot shot dead near Kiev

– Kyrgyzstan election: A historic vote, but is it fair?

– Catalan independence: Sacked leader Puigdemont ‘not seeking asylum’

– White House says Trump will not visit DMZ

– Fired U.S. attorney to Trump: ‘Keep up the tweeting’

– Fact check: False statements on Russia from the Trump team

– Trump dismisses Papadopoulos as ‘low-level volunteer’ but once touted him

– Thousands attended protest organized by Russians on Facebook

– Kevin Spacey scandal: London theater offers confidential email address for tips

Mueller Indictment Special Edition – 30 OCT 2017

– Special Counsel Mueller Unveils Charges Against 3 Trump Aides

– Mueller Moves Against Paul Manafort

– Ex-Trump campaign adviser pleads guilty to making false statement

– GOP lawmaker: We need to continue to support Mueller’s investigation

– Trump to lunch with Sessions amid Manafort charges

– ‘The Russians Have Succeeded Beyond Their Wildest Expectations’

– The question that matters now: what will Republicans do when Trump fires Mueller?


News: 16 October 2017

Somalia attack: 276 dead in truck bombing

– Iraq Takes Kirkuk Power Center to Stall Kurdish Statehood

– Portugal and Spain wildfires: Dozens dead and injured

– Three reported dead in Storm Ophelia as Irish PM urges people to stay indoors

Oil Rig Explodes in Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain, One Worker Still Missing

– Catalonia’s Leader Demands Dialogue With Spain on Independence

– Sebastian Kurz promises ‘great change’ as Austria turns to the right

Hillary Clinton says Julian Assange colluded with Russia to help Donald Trump win US election

– Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress

Man arrested after cops mistook doughnut glaze for meth awarded $37,500

Brexit is turning into a disaster, says Vote Leave chief

– Abe on course for landslide win in Japan vote: poll

– Alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl doubts he could get a fair trial after Trump comments

Tesla starts shipping Powerpacks to Puerto Rico

– ‘A New Rosetta Stone for Astronomy’

– ‘All wifi networks’ are vulnerable to hacking, security expert discovers

News: 13 October 2017

Death toll rises to 31 as fire crews make progress in California firestorm

– As wildfires rage, California is putting prisoners to work on the front lines

Rohingya Recount Atrocities: ‘They Threw My Baby Into a Fire’

San Juan mayor to Trump: You’re the ‘Hater in Chief’

US to withdraw from UNESCO due to its anti-Israeli stances

Amazon TV Producer Goes Public With Harassment Claim Against Top Exec Roy Price

Jane Fonda: I knew about Weinstein, and I’m ‘ashamed’ I didn’t say anything

– Mother in vaccination fight loses primary custody of son

Nine white supremacists among 44 arrested in gun, drug bust in Russellville

Paul Ryan says mental health reform is “critical ingredient” in stopping mass shootings

Suspect in custody in slayings of boy, 8, and three relatives in Ohio home

Ireland: Fewer Catholics, while ‘no religion’ up 74%

Halt In Subsidies For Health Insurers Expected To Drive Up Costs For Middle Class

US obesity problem is not budging, new data shows

News: 11 October 2017

California Fire Map via

170,000 acres on fire in Calif., Wine Country deaths at 17

U.S. flies bombers over Korea as Trump discusses options

Wall Street Journal reporter convicted in Turkey over ‘terrorist propaganda’

Catalonia independence declaration signed and suspended

Trump reportedly asked for a tenfold increase in US nukes before Tillerson called him a ‘moron’

Trump threatens broadcaster NBC after nuclear report

Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA

‘The New Yorker’ obtains audio of Weinstein sting

Terry Crews Shares His Own Story of Sexual Assault by a Hollywood Executive

UK: First steps taken in legalisation of cannabis

India: ‘Sex with minor wife is to be considered rape’, says Supreme Court

– Utah judge sends former Mormon bishop to prison for sexually abusing boys in his congregation

– FCC’s claim that one ISP counts as “competition” faces scrutiny in court

– A Giant, Mysterious Hole Has Opened Up in Antarctica

3,200-Year-Old Stone Inscription Tells of Trojan Prince, Sea People

News: 10 October 2017

North Korea ‘hackers steal US-South Korea war plans’

UN slaps global port ban on ships violating North Korea sanctions

Trump May Visit DMZ Between North and South Korea: Yonhap

U.S. mail carriers emerge as heroes in Puerto Rico recovery

At least 10 dead, 1,500 structures lost in Northern California firestorm, among worst in state’s history

Texas Tech shooter was too young to have gun under campus carry law, police say

Miami Police Kill Temple University Student Accused of Running Over Officer

Harvey Weinstein Scandal: Bombshell New Yorker Piece Alleges Mogul Raped Women

Spain Catalan crisis: Puigdemont to address region’s future

French schoolgirl, 10, ‘beaten up for being Jewish after classmates taunt her for days’

Margaret Thatcher gave MP knighthood despite knowing child sex abuse claims against him, inquiry hears

Christopher Columbus statues vandalized across New England

As Revenge Over Anthem Protests, Model Outs Dolphins Coach Snorting Coke

Ending the Iran Deal is An Invitation to War


News: 9 October 2017

Kim Jong-un assassination plot: North Korea claims US tried to kill leader in May

South Korea threatens to drop blackout bombs on North Korea

United States and Turkey mutually suspend visa services 

Corker Says Trump’s Threats Could Put The Nation ‘On The Path To World War III’

Trump: ‘Nobody could have done what I’ve done for Puerto Rico with so little appreciation’

Trump: Hard-line immigration policies are price of DACA

Trump administration to terminate Obama’s climate plan

– Massive fires in Napa and Sonoma burn hundreds of homes and businesses, force evacuations, close hospitals

Google has reportedly found Russia-linked ads on YouTube, Gmail, and search

Film producer Harvey Weinstein ousted from Weinstein Co. amid reports of sexual harassment

Theresa May sets out Brexit options including ‘no deal’

Spanish Premier Issues New Warning Against Catalan Separatists

World News: 6 October 2017

Kim Jong-Un, Ruler of North Korea
Kim Jong-Un. (Sketch by Monico Chavez, Creative Commons License BY-SA 2.0)

– CIA: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un isn’t crazy

Russia’s Military Is Banning Selfies Because Soldiers Keep Revealing Their Location to the Enemy

– Nobel peace prize: Ican award sends nuclear message

Catalan parliament defies Madrid pressure, works on independence declaration

Iceland PM sold bank assets hours before financial crash, leaks show

– U.S. secretly tested carcinogen in Western Canada during the Cold War, researcher finds 

– Apple gave Uber’s app ‘unprecedented’ access to a secret back door that can record iPhone screens

– US troops killed in Niger identified as decorated Green Berets

– U.N. fears ‘further exodus’ of Muslim Rohingya from Myanmar

– Pope Francis urges tech companies do all they can to combat child porn

Plane Makes Terrifying—But Triumphant—Landing at German Airport

– China is in ‘lock-down’ ahead of its most important meeting in years

U.S. News: 6 October 2017

Tim Murphy, ‘pro-life’ abortion hypocrite, will quit Congress

Tropical Storm Nate headed for Gulf Coast, expected to be hurricane by Saturday

Marilou Danley, Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend: ‘He Never Said Anything To Me’

Trump administration deals major blow to Obamacare birth control mandate

Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on U.S. Cyber Defense

Puerto Rico’s governor says ‘let’s talk’ after Elon Musk says Tesla can rebuild the island’s power grid

Bergdahl expected to plead guilty, avoid trial

– Donald Trump is treating a potential war like a reality show cliffhanger

– Football’s decline has some high schools disbanding teams

Contract shows 98% of Adidas cash paid to Louisville went to Pitino

– Winner sues Colorado lottery for millions over fixed jackpot

The Lawyer Who Beat Big Tobacco Takes On the Opioid Industry

News: 5 October 2017

– Las Vegas massacre probe focuses on gunman’s arsenal, history

– Las Vegas shooting: Paddock may have planned to escape

– Drug given to Paddock calms some, provokes others, experts say

– Chicago police investigating reports that Las Vegas gunman booked hotel rooms overlooking Lollapalooza

Gun silencer bill tabled amid heavy scrutiny after Vegas shooting

– Catalan crisis: Spanish court bars MPs’ independence move

French, Nigerien forces conduct operations after 3 U.S. special forces soldiers killed

– Iraq Claims Victory in ISIS’ Last Urban Stronghold

– Military helicopters kill protesters in Cameroon’s English-speaking areas

– Scotland Rejects Fracking, Citing Overwhelming Public Opposition

Japanese woman ‘dies from overwork’ after logging 159 hours of overtime in a month

Ga. sheriff indicted for sexual battery in high school drug search