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News: 29 September 2017

Puerto Ricans line up for fresh water. @ Getty Images

Puerto Ricans: Trump’s relief efforts are a ‘disaster’

Puerto Rico Rejects Loan Offers, Accusing Hedge Funds of Trying to Profit Off Hurricanes

Royal Caribbean evacuates thousands from San Juan and the Caribbean

State Department orders nonessential diplomats and families out of Cuba following mysterious attacks

Has Washington forgotten about us? One year passes with no US ambassador to Australia

Racial slurs written on dorm room boards of black Air Force Academy cadet candidates

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Stuck Taxpayers For $12,000 Charter Flight

California lawmaker wants to ban gas car sales after 2040

Fake black activist accounts linked to Russian government

Putin critic Navalny detained by police before pre-election rally

– Musk Wants to Build a Rocket That Will Get You Anywhere on Earth in an Hour

Sen. Wyden Slams Pai on Senate Floor, Says FCC chair is on side of ‘big cable’

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