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Day: October 2, 2017

News: 2 October 2017

Maduro to Spanish PM Rajoy: Who’s the Dictator Now?

Catalan referendum: Spain region ‘not seeking traumatic split’

European Commission – Statement on the events in Catalonia

– Egypt Caught Ordering Huge Cache of Illegal North Korean Weapons

Beijing allowing once-taboo debate on North Korean regime’s collapse

Russia just gave North Korea’s internet a big boost

HP Enterprise let Russia scrutinize cyberdefense system used by Pentagon

Trump dedicates golf trophy to hurricane victims amid controversy over response

On-duty NYPD officers ‘handcuffed 18-year-old girl, took her to deserted spot and raped her’

Equifax Has Amassed Salary Details for People at 7,100 Companies

Highest-ever number of STDs recorded in US last year

Coca-Cola increased its production of plastic bottles by a billion last year, says Greenpeace

Couple admits to stealing $1.2 million from Amazon

Body clock scientists win Nobel Prize

News: 2 October 2017 – Special Update

The lone Las Vegas gunman, 64, who murdered 58 and injured 515 at concert

Who is Stephen Paddock? Police say he killed 58 in Las Vegas shooting rampage

– Marilou Danley: Las Vegas police locate female roommate of gunman Stephen Paddock

– Las Vegas shooting: Call for blood donors to help hundreds wounded

– Gun-maker stocks rally after mass shooting in Las Vegas

– Las Vegas shooting: Isis claims responsibility for deadliest gun massacre in modern US history 

– Hillary Clinton slams NRA, gun silencer bill in wake of Las Vegas shooting

– Dems renew calls for gun restrictions in wake of Las Vegas shooting