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Day: October 6, 2017

World News: 6 October 2017

Kim Jong-Un, Ruler of North Korea
Kim Jong-Un. (Sketch by Monico Chavez, Creative Commons License BY-SA 2.0)

– CIA: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un isn’t crazy

Russia’s Military Is Banning Selfies Because Soldiers Keep Revealing Their Location to the Enemy

– Nobel peace prize: Ican award sends nuclear message

Catalan parliament defies Madrid pressure, works on independence declaration

Iceland PM sold bank assets hours before financial crash, leaks show

– U.S. secretly tested carcinogen in Western Canada during the Cold War, researcher finds 

– Apple gave Uber’s app ‘unprecedented’ access to a secret back door that can record iPhone screens

– US troops killed in Niger identified as decorated Green Berets

– U.N. fears ‘further exodus’ of Muslim Rohingya from Myanmar

– Pope Francis urges tech companies do all they can to combat child porn

Plane Makes Terrifying—But Triumphant—Landing at German Airport

– China is in ‘lock-down’ ahead of its most important meeting in years

U.S. News: 6 October 2017

Tim Murphy, ‘pro-life’ abortion hypocrite, will quit Congress

Tropical Storm Nate headed for Gulf Coast, expected to be hurricane by Saturday

Marilou Danley, Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend: ‘He Never Said Anything To Me’

Trump administration deals major blow to Obamacare birth control mandate

Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on U.S. Cyber Defense

Puerto Rico’s governor says ‘let’s talk’ after Elon Musk says Tesla can rebuild the island’s power grid

Bergdahl expected to plead guilty, avoid trial

– Donald Trump is treating a potential war like a reality show cliffhanger

– Football’s decline has some high schools disbanding teams

Contract shows 98% of Adidas cash paid to Louisville went to Pitino

– Winner sues Colorado lottery for millions over fixed jackpot

The Lawyer Who Beat Big Tobacco Takes On the Opioid Industry