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News: 27 September 2017

America denies Puerto Rico request for waiver to bring vital fuel and supplies to island

‘This doesn’t feel like a first-class response’: Puerto Ricans slam Trump’s claim of ‘amazing’ aid after Maria

101st Airborne Division deploying to Puerto Rico as recovery effort lags

Mattis target of failed Kabul airport rocket attack, Taliban says

Trump deleted his tweets that endorsed Luther Strange after Roy Moore’s win in Alabama

Democrats flip two seats in state special elections

State police director’s FB post: NFL players who take knee during anthem are ‘degenerates’

Tennessee church shooter admits to crime as bizarre Facebook posts surface

– ‘Why Don’t You Go Back to Mexico, Speak English’: Woman Records Man’s Racist Rant at Goodwill Store in Oklahoma

Britain warns Boeing it might miss out on business over Bombardier row

Merkel welcomes ‘a lot of material’ from Macron on EU reform

Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive

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