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News: 13 October 2017

Death toll rises to 31 as fire crews make progress in California firestorm

– As wildfires rage, California is putting prisoners to work on the front lines

Rohingya Recount Atrocities: ‘They Threw My Baby Into a Fire’

San Juan mayor to Trump: You’re the ‘Hater in Chief’

US to withdraw from UNESCO due to its anti-Israeli stances

Amazon TV Producer Goes Public With Harassment Claim Against Top Exec Roy Price

Jane Fonda: I knew about Weinstein, and I’m ‘ashamed’ I didn’t say anything

– Mother in vaccination fight loses primary custody of son

Nine white supremacists among 44 arrested in gun, drug bust in Russellville

Paul Ryan says mental health reform is “critical ingredient” in stopping mass shootings

Suspect in custody in slayings of boy, 8, and three relatives in Ohio home

Ireland: Fewer Catholics, while ‘no religion’ up 74%

Halt In Subsidies For Health Insurers Expected To Drive Up Costs For Middle Class

US obesity problem is not budging, new data shows

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